Steve Grossi

Full-stack software developer and team lead

Technical Skills

Ruby, Rails, Elixir, TDD, SQL, OOCSS, React, Git, CI

Senior Developer at Lessonly (November 2014–Present)

  • Led teams of several developers to deliver major features like commenting and a Chrome extension; involving architecture, estimation, sprint planning, and code reviews alongside my own development.
  • Introduced best-practices like CI, linting, performance monitoring, and a coding style guide.
  • Contributed to scaling efforts with query optimization and caching.

Senior Developer at Alldayeveryday (January 2013–November 2014)

  • Lead developer for, a responsive, internationalized publishing platform for Gap’s global media team.
  • Sole developer for Gap’s 2013 online holiday gift guide, an editorialized shopping experience backed by a custom Rails CMS.
  • Co-developer of an HTML5 mobile web app for Nike’s Global Media Summit using Rails and Backbone. Features included a live calendar, photo stream, and chat.

Senior Coordinator of Online Projects at CancerCare (July 2009–January 2013)

  • Migrated from a bunch of PHP files to a modern, version-controlled web application with a custom CMS built on Rails.
  • Designed and built many of CancerCare’s supplemental sites including,, and
  • Managed two contract developers brought on to help with major projects.

In the Community

  • Since moving to Indianapolis, I’ve been an active member and sometime speaker at the Indy.rb Ruby users’ group.
  • Founded and organize Indy Elixir, the local Elixir users’ group.
  • Volunteer with Railsbridge Indy, teaching Ruby and Rails chiefly to folks underrepresented in the industry.

New York University B.A. in Philosophy & Comparative Literature

  • Philosophy taught me how to relentlessly understand and write clearly about complex concepts and systems.
  • CompLit taught me how to approach pretty much anything from a variety of critical perspectives.